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I had determined not to make much this year for Christmas gifts. It can be pretty time consuming.

But, when you get inspired by Pinterest, and you have a whole lotta these laying around:









…you have to do SOMETHING, right?

My boards needed to be cut, and I don’t have a saw, and well. Those things scare me.

Enter my dad.

He cut all my boards up for me, and brought them all over.

It was now time to get this bad boy out:









And I sanded, and I sanded, and I sanded. I probably sanded about, around, at LEAST, but probably more, 4 hours or so. It’s good I like to sand.

After that was all done, I got a ton of these puppies out:









And, after a little more sanding, I called my dad.

And he faithfully came over.

He glued my boards together, and after an hour or two of waiting around for them to dry, he hooked everything up just right with the drill and a few screws.

This was the result:











THIS is pretty cool. But, I wasn’t finished. And after  a little more glue, a few clothespins and some lights, I got this:
























Isn’t it LOVELY?? I adore it. This one’s for me.

We managed to knock out 4 minis to give out as gifts:









It was a pretty rockin’ few days around here. But the best part? I got to do it all with my dad. Crafty woodsy Christmasy things are nice. But the time we spent together in the car on our way to Home Depot, shedding tears and rejoicing together over what the Lord has done in our lives was my favorite part.

And so, dad, because I know you like to read my blog…thank you!! I love you much, I am proud of you, and I always always always thank God for you; for you are the very most kind, very most wonderful, very most bestest daddy in the whole wide world.




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