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Sleds, Snow, and Tomato Soup

It snowed today.

And, since we like snow…

and, since I have great parents who bring my daughter to me at work along with the old sled I used to ride…

and, since my attempt to get my coworkers to taking a teeny tiny wee little sledding break today utterly and totally failed…

and, since we live 3 blocks away from the best family spot to sled…

and, since it snowed…

the wee one and I waited allllllll the day long for daddy to get home.

And when finally he did,

we walked over to the hill for the very first time as a family to go sledding.

We were very eager, and the wee one was pretty excited.


 I was a little worried the sled would break. But it didn’t, and actually, it was the sturdiest one out there! Have you seen those cheapo plastic things they use nowadays? We saw an abandoned one on the way home, a big ol’ chunk ripped out of it. IMG_0047

Off they go!


Do you know that literally generations and generations have sled down this hill? I thought that was pretty neat to think about.


I hadn’t been in at least 20 years. I was a little nervous. But I did it! It helped that I had my cool hat on (which, by the way, I got a sweet complement on from a 10 year old passer-by). We kept trying to get the wee one to ride with me but she refused and would only go with daddy. She did finally go once at the end, but we kind of had to “force” her to do it. I wonder why? Hm.


It was a slippery slick trek back up for the wee one. But she made it. 🙂


Daddy wanted to go on his tummy. We laughed and laughed and laughed at that. He was good at it. He wanted to go down standing up (perhaps like the high school boys nearby?), but Maddie and I both proclaimed loudly, “No! It’s too dangerous!”


We walked home, and she made herself a snow angel in our front yard. And after she was done, she stood up, looked at it, glared with her mightiest angry face, threw her fist in the air with great force, and screamed out something like, “It’s no good!” Sometimes she is “kind of” a perfectionist.

When we got home, daddy shoveled off the snow on our steps, Maddie played around with the snow, the dog was let loose to run around the front yard for a bit with the two of them, and I made us some tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Yummy.



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