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When I turned 29, I was terribly traumatized. The thought that it was my last year in my “20s” and that I had only one year left until I was 30 sent me into freak-out mode. Thank goodness I have a few years to go until 40 hits.

Yes, turning 30 was a little, teensy, weensy bit difficult. My eyes already bug out, and when I thought of being 30, I am certain they truly then popped out.

Now, I’m about to turn 31. And, it’s not quite so dramatic, but it’s still a little traumatic. You know what, though? So far, my “30s” have been the best years of my life. So I thought I’d share some notables with a list, for your reading pleasure; a little “year in review”.

At 30 I…

– participated in my first triathlon (never in a million years thought I could or would actually do that! Wow! Craziness.).

– read a book that convicted and challenged my prayer life and since then, have seen God answer all kinds of prayers and petitions and requests that I have asked according to his Word, nearly every week, sometimes every day, for the entire last year, on behalf of my family and the body of Christ around me.

– have experienced the incredible power of God’s Word to comfort my soul, heal afflictions in my heart, show grace when I sin, and guard my mind against all kinds of things.

– watched the unity of our little family of 3 blossom; abounding in love for one another, learning to be patient with one another, considering one another’s needs above our own, and learning to be established in God’s Word.

– experienced how awesome marriage can be when we both live selflessly towards one another, cheer one another on, remind each other of the power of Christ’s work on the cross, and seek to obey God’s desire for us to be holy as he is holy and filled with the humility of Christ.

– have been brought to many, many tears before the Lord, as I have knelt in amazement that he would delight to so faithfully lead me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake and keep me grounded in his Word, firm and steadfast and unyielding.

– have seen God provide for our food, our clothing, our utilities, our rent, our activities. The littlest of food on our table is an astounding blessing to our family; I hope we never forget it.

– watched my husband grow and grow and grow in great strength of character and mind, taking pleasure in leading his little family along very faithfully in truth, protecting us, watching over us, caring for us, providing for us, cherishing us, giving us literally all of his strength, and pouring all of his joy over unto us two, his girlies.

Praying that your “30s” will be such a great delight and testimony of great grace to you, as well…(or 40s? 60s? 80s???).

Much love to you,




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