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Mom Enough

I’m not a great advice giver. I never know what to say in the moment. But, I read this book a few years ago and it may have been one of the most encouraging books I had read that was written specifically for “moms.” So I thought I’d share it.

I’m actually not much into “mommy” books, or articles, or whatnot. I usually have to force myself to engage “those ones.” But, I forced myself at the time to read this one, and it gave me a much needed shift in focus. A call back to God’s purpose for me. It chastised me for my selfishness. And reminded me of the hope I have in Christ.

It’s free (two thumbs up!), written by several different gals (which is nice if one’s writing resonates better than another with you), and the chapters are short (you can skip around and don’t have to go in order!).

Download it. And then read little bits and pieces during those agonizingly long 45 minute nursing sessions (hello to staring at blank walls and nursery decor!!!), or even the 45 minute bottle sessions (if your kid is anything like my daughter was…seriously, though, aren’t bottles supposed to be faster or something?!), days when naps go well (glory!), and when the hubby watches the kiddos and you’re set loose, wild and crazy like, to the coffee shop.

Much love to you, fellow mothers. Praying you lay your life down for the sake of the gospel, and that you know what that looks like in the details of your life…in these days.

Find the book here for free at Desiring God.


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